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The Bernoulli Effect by MurrayHay
The bernoulli priciple tells us that: 'when a gas increases in velocity , its pressure decreaces. ........ This is one of the classic 'miss quotes' of Bernoulli Theorem.... What Bernoulli in fact states is: Total Pressure = Static Pressure + Dynamic Prressure, there is a specific requirment under Bernoulli that the value of Total Pressure MUST be a constant (for any given altitude) What ...

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Hi Tony, a little more info on disability would help, also your age. I've had an 85 year old with one leg out for (tandem) training, in his case mobility on grass was limited to about ...
by MurrayHay - 16 hours ago
Howard, Someone told me that it was actually the GTO model. It has Powerfin props which are total diameter of 49". A bit larger than the GT, and I am assuming a bit more powerful. The power ...
by Powered Flight Re: I ... - 1 day ago
Do you still have the DK Whisper cage for sale, if so I am interested. hgp321 at g m a i l thanks!
by hgp321 - 2 days ago
I live in st Croix USVI. I would like a paragliding vacation in the azores. do you have any contacts private or commercial, tours or personal? I am P-3 USHGA,300+ flights.
by james whitehurst - 6 days ago
1) for a host of reasons landing (especially HG) when you can't see the ground surface is a 'bad idea'! 2) WAY too many farmers in Scotland have already been turned anti-flying or asked ...
by MurrayHay - 1 week ago
FOR SALE: "Bill Bennett 1970's Delta Wing Flying Trike" It is in pristine condition with the wing, single person seat with a 2 stroke engine attached to the rear seat frame. It also comes ...
by Jerry - 2 weeks ago
I have a Bill Bennett Delta Wing Trike with a single seat with a workable 2 stroke engine with new prop mounted on the rear in excellent condition. If you are interested please contact me.
by Jerry - 2 weeks ago
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