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Thinking of taking up paragliding or hangliding in the UK? Read this! by MurrayHay
NOTE!!! Anyone interested in taking up paragliding (or hang gliding) in the UK should be aware of the following: While it always sounds good to get something for free.... 1) The BHPA Ltd has a long history of promoting illegal practices. As ...
The Bernoulli Effect by MurrayHay
The bernoulli priciple tells us that: 'when a gas increases in velocity , its pressure decreaces. ........ This is one of the classic 'miss quotes' of Bernoulli Theorem.... What Bernoulli in fact states is: Total Pressure = Static Pressure + ...

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Mmmm while you choose to hide your identity and troll.... Fortunately BASIC Physics which has be fully accepted for 100's of years (i.e IS 'informed') backs up what I teach :-) Of course ...
by MurrayHay - 1 day ago
Hello, This is my dream! I have only paraglided once, and was wondering how much experience you need to do a trip like this? Hope you are well, and thank you for these photos! :)
by Kate - 3 days ago
On the subject of reminders for bhpa ltd guarantors (members) even if you personally are that rare breed, a bhpa'er who does NOT themselves fly 1) illegally 2) fly outwith restrictions of ...
by MurrayHay - 1 week ago
Hey Wayne, what's up, did u have fun with the ET last year? Keep me posted on what's going on with it, I kind of miss it....... Tim
by Tim Bush - 1 week ago
The normal warning, with a couple of updates... NOTE!!! Anyone interested in taking up paragliding in the UK should be aware of the following: While it always sounds great to get ...
by MurrayHay - 1 week ago
by guest1 - 1 week ago
How much just for the trike?
by alex - 2 weeks ago
I have a 1978 Bill Bennett Delta Wing water ski kite that I picked up at the factory in Van Nuys brand-new. Still in perfect condition. I always dreamed of putting it in the Smithsonian, ...
by 1978 Bennett ski kite - 2 weeks ago
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