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Thinking of taking up paragliding or hangliding in the UK? Read this! by MurrayHay
NOTE!!! Anyone interested in taking up paragliding (or hang gliding) in the UK should be aware of the following: While it always sounds good to get something for free.... 1) The BHPA Ltd has a long history of promoting illegal practices. As ...
The Bernoulli Effect by MurrayHay
The bernoulli priciple tells us that: 'when a gas increases in velocity , its pressure decreaces. ........ This is one of the classic 'miss quotes' of Bernoulli Theorem.... What Bernoulli in fact states is: Total Pressure = Static Pressure + ...
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Sorry, but the ppg is sold. Best regards, a
by a - 1 day ago
First name 1st name small seperater platt Contact Thanks Howard Platt
by hgp321 - 1 day ago
I am looking for a trike for a dk whisper gt in the U.S does anyone have one for sale? Thanks
by Guest - 3 days ago
I don't think that works. I can't see your email address below your name. It just shows . You should probably call me. Thanks.
by DK Whisper GT for sale - 1 week ago
Hi, My upper left section of my cage is damaged can you help?
by hgp321 - 1 week ago
Hi Bud, I'm still interested in the DK as well, I won't buy it out from under the other guy :) but if you could send me some pics as well that would be terrific. BTW I have a DK but have ...
by hgp321 - 1 week ago
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