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The Bernoulli Effect by MurrayHay
The bernoulli priciple tells us that: 'when a gas increases in velocity , its pressure decreaces. ........ This is one of the classic 'miss quotes' of Bernoulli Theorem.... What Bernoulli in fact states is: Total Pressure = Static Pressure + Dynamic Prressure, there is a specific requirment under Bernoulli that the value of Total Pressure MUST be a constant (for any given altitude) What ...

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One fledge 2 listed on DHV marketplace
by Sandrofly - 1 day ago
More available now for 2015 Go for it young ones!:thumb-up:
by guest1 - 4 days ago
thanks appreciated!
by graham - 6 days ago
Hi, the first thing is to check on the legal situation in your State/in USA. That said in Powered HG ('Delta' wing) unlike 'Microlights' you don't normally have a 'second seat', P HG's and ...
by MurrayHay - 6 days ago
Hi I am in search for a part for my dk whisper gt I need the plastic carburetor air horn with the built in choke slide. Mine was damaged in shipping and now I can't find one! Please help! ...
by Troy - 1 week ago
What Bill Bennet model did you have that did go into unwanted dive?
by Charlie - 1 week ago
I have a DK Whisper GTO with Sky Trike for sale. Flow twice in 2003, and in storage since then. Engine was fogged in and stored inside. Does anyone still want these?
by Guest - 2 weeks ago
This question has been asked before but it seems the manufactures have made modifications and upgrades since the last opinions or comparisons were presented. When I search for varios and ...
by David Segura - 2 weeks ago
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