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The Bernoulli Effect by MurrayHay
The bernoulli priciple tells us that: 'when a gas increases in velocity , its pressure decreaces. ........ This is one of the classic 'miss quotes' of Bernoulli Theorem.... What Bernoulli in fact states is: Total Pressure = Static Pressure + Dynamic Prressure, there is a specific requirment under Bernoulli that the value of Total Pressure MUST be a constant (for any given altitude) What this means is that as the velocity of the flow past a surface increases (i.e. greater airspeed) the ...

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by jade - 2 days ago
Its me you are talking about! I never been in highlands this year and who told you I nearly killed myself. that's rubbish. you are no happy coz I never took you for roadtrip you pure wee ...
by lucas - 3 days ago
Update on UK under 16 soaring. We have recently had a change to match Europe so now provided for all the SOLO flying the pilot is OVER 14 (under 14 tandem flying is as always OK) soaring ...
by MurrayHay - 1 week ago
hi do you still have v stack for dk motor with air filter thanks , please <phone> . Robert
by Robert santo - 2 weeks ago
Deed to source DK Whisper starter motor battery, alternative or technical specification of original item, also need an air filter.
by MJB - 2 weeks ago
Al was my best friend at the time. We were taking a Red Cross first aid class together. That night he never made the class. Driving back to his place I heard about a hang glider accident. ...
by Mark - 2 weeks ago
I would love to know why people feel the need to interject useless knowledge to someone who is already broke and just wants to fly. When you figure the hundreds of hours needed to build ...
by Guest - 3 weeks ago
Hi everyone, I'm looking for other pilots in west side of Los Angeles who wants to carpool and flying regularly. Maybe San Bernardino? I live in Marina Del Rey, and it's kinda expensive to ...
by leon86ka - 1 month ago
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