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Can you restring a paraglider if a line breaks? by MurrayHay
Vale wrote: ...... could you tie them on yourself? Or, if one is broken, can you fix it yourself? A bit of 'structural engineering' style physics, it is generally stated that the best knots 'only' weaken a line/rope by about 40%, for those that ...
What are the main components of a paraglider? by MurrayHay
Taking the logical approach and going 'top to bottom'... Wing which has small loops stitched into the 'under'side of the material. Next: Top line set, as the BEST knot in the world will significantly weaken the line by say 40% of its 'straight' ...

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Hope it goes well.:thumb-up:
by Guest 111 - 2 days ago
What does SIV stand for and what sort of things does it include?
by Vale - 4 days ago
Perhaps you should stick to thread? Announce a reminder of AGM and whooosh! Perhaps modem should take time to intervene?:woohoo: Otherwise you could start your own thread?
by Guest 111 - 4 days ago
Have you deleted something? Should not be surprised, it was a bit incriminating.
by Guest 111 - 2 weeks ago
Try me on Facebook to get a copy of the Fledge 3 manual. I am also interested in buying a new or well maintained sail to Fledge 3, not ET. I live in Norway.
by Rune Aamillom - 3 weeks ago
I am looking for lessons on hang gliding I live in southern Alberta Canada
by Trevor Wiper - 1 month ago
Hi Myo In general, subject to the weight range there is often little difference between PG wings and dual purpose wings (PG / PPG) that are also designed for use in powered flight, however ...
by MurrayHay - 1 month ago

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