Ground Handling like Nike say "just do it!" Keep practising and your skills...

Ground Handling like Nike say "just do it!"
Keep practising and your skills will develop. Your launching window will get bigger and the sites you are comfortable launching from will get smaller. Go on just find a field and practice different techniques.

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Some words of caution.... recently I've been helping a Australian PGer (who is in Scotland for a month while working at the International Edinburgh Festival) regarding his (very common!) problems with 'ground control' (especially in windy conditions) typically those problems are all as a direct result of the (mandatory in NZ & Auz) training he got.... hence 'practising as much as possible' (what he was taught) simply reinforces / 'locks in the problems'. The comment on trying alternatives is a GOOD idea... provided those alternatives haven't already generated thousands of accidents....

So if practising then the most important thing I can suggest is to film it so at least there is a chance you might be able to see some of the reasons for problems... two MAJOR errors to watch out for are 1) Looking at the wing 2) Using brakes as primary controls (rather than using the harness as the main control)

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