I is for Instruments

I is for Instruments
Let's start simples and progress
Vario tells you if you are going up and down in the air can be be both by acoustics (beeep!) Or visually needles or display showing movement.
Altivario + altitude see A.
GPS altivario also tells height and position. More advanced ones work out glide ratio, wind speed, and a whole host of other things, like when will my tea be ready!
Flight computer the daddy. May have moving map, glide calculator, Macready function, task calculator all useful stuff for comps.
Smartphone can have software put on them that can achieve many of these functions but the hardware often is not top spec so performance is compromised.

Radio dandy for speaking and equally important listening to other users of the air and controllers if required.

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Ref: GPS altivario also tells height and ......

Two points (both VERY relevant for a number of the sites we fly in Scotland)

1) GPS takes no account of the weather (local or regional 'ASR' pressure on that [part of the] day) so ONLY on when the actual setting pressure is 1013.25 hPa [AKA mb / millibars] will "Altitude" shown on a PRESSURE based instrument have a good chance of being correct... and so complying with legal permissions (written 'LOA' or via phone/radio) to permit paragliders to fly 'controlled' sites.

2) Ref 'height' the GPS PROVIDED there are enough satellites in range will give a GPS Altitude... to give a GPS 'height' would require both software data pack AND processing using the 'local' terrain level to calculate 'QFE'.

Murray and Ross (using the thread as a training exercise)

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