About performance
With winter flying conditions approaching, it seem time to open up a dialoge on this subject. Let's hear comments (YOUR EXPERIENCE) about flying in wet conditions (caught in the drizzel or rain) ...
by DS_84
Re: Manta Fledge 3 ET. Serial No 141
here is a craigslist ad by my house. $1,100.00Hang Glider High Performance/Double Surface Rigid Wing - MANTA Fledge IIB - full double surface, wing tip rudders with twist grip controls. Garage kept, ...
by anonymous
Re: Sunglasses for gliding
I had the same problem. I've done several experiments with different producats (as well as other people with the same problem), until we found some scientifically done tests done by some very well ...
by woodcutter
Re: Paraglider weight ranges and safety.
aha a fellow sigma 3 fan, it's by far the best wing I've ever flown, the ground handling is superb, when i say it can be pain it's a pain by its' standards, i had a harley cyclone that regularly ...
by Bhaok
Re: How to build hang glider?
> First, why do you want to build a hang glider? If it's because you like the challenge of building an airplane, Jim Marske has some interesting, well designed plans a
by chadwarner
Info on Electra Flyer hang glider
I recently purchased an Electra Flyer hang glider used for $100.00. I am trying to find any information on this model that I can. I am about to take it to a dealer here to have it inspected and ...
by mana
Avian Amour vs Pulse 2
Does anyone out there know how the performance of an Avain Amour compares to the Airwave Pulse 2 ?
by jasy1
Re: Paraglider: Looking for good beginner/intermedi ate wing
This your first wing right? What kind of instructor would eeven contemplate a Saber as a first wing? You do not need remotely this hot a glider to do almost anything, and getting on too hot a ...
by scubagirl77
Re: Question Regarding BHPC (UK Only)
>>Diagonallyparked in your personal opinion, should the bhpa ltd 1) aim to have 1/3rd of its members as 'coaches' 2) issue 'coach' ratings to individuals with as little as 10.5 hours flying time 3) ...
by diagonallyparked
Re: Does it exist a double surface for a beginner?
Mars and Atlas Hanggliders are really good gliders for beginners. Of corse there are double surface gliders for beginners, but I do not see any advantage. They are heavier, and it takes more time to ...
by SteveTheEgg
The Compression Zone - PG Myth or fact?
Compression Zone or Physics.jpg
Note: Some photos still to be added: Update 01:20 Zulu time 11/05/2016 Copyright Murray Hay/PBM (Commercial) Photography/Precision Paragliding and the MPB Forum For years PG pilots have been taught ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Help (newbie): tandem-wing hang gliders
There were two fairly successful designs in the early 1970's. One was the Icarus II and the other was called Easy Riser. Imagine a WWI German Taube with no fuselage or tail. Both steered with wingtip ...
by scubagirl77
Re: Horten wings and adverse yaw...
How about a high performance sloper ... just Hortenesque to avoid vert stab(s) but still slippery fast.
by dswagler
Adjustable deployment drag chute?
... bout a product I had seen those same few years back. It is a glide slope adjustment device for high performance hang gliders, a small drogue chute ...
by bgneub
Re: Modern PG design, Stiffeners Good/Bad?
To quote you, "A number of my ex-students are flying +100km flights within a year of finishing training and most students buy 'higher rated' wings as their 1st new wing, simply because I train ...
by Soft Cell
Re: Paragliding - Try Out
dried grass wrote: Dear Barry, The 2 more than competent schools that are closish to Glasgow are Cloudbusters which operates mainly to the south of Glasgow in the Biggar area. Peter the instructor ...
by MurrayHay
Help me please
I want to start hang-gliding or para-gliding, Im 16 and read in a magazine that you can get a good second hand hang/para glider for about £500, Is that right? Could someone please tell me the ...
by DeweyT
Re: Murray mentioned in the BHPA Skywings Magazine
Regression: (for those not familiar with the term) A Significant part of the training and RE-training I provide is HP&L (Human Performance & Limitations training) In the case of Trians he started ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Mitchell wing
George Worthingtom broke all the hang glider records back in 1982 with a Mitchell wing. Ground transport isn't quite as handy, and the repair time is MUCH worse after a routine prang. You might be ...
by Luddite
Re: Airwave voodoo
The Vodoo is pretty hot wing for someone with so little time, I'm not sure how it would rate with the current system, but it probably would be a DHV 1-2. The wing is relatively fast, but the biggest ...
by cihoovcvb
Selling Wills Wing T2 144. Low airtime
... 144. A very good condition 2nd hand hang glider with low air time. (Less than 40 hours.) This high performance hang glider is very popular at the moment and has the advantage of being of Dacron top ...
by packsh
Re: Motorized Paraglider
Hi there. Though not very familiar with the F3, there are some points I would suggest you to note. Apco's Prima is a very nice school glider, but it suffers from quite high sink rate, and relatively ...
by Gauravnew
Re: Learing to be a TI (trainee instructor)
Guest wrote: evening murray. as you are a self taught instructor how would you pass on your knowledge to a budding T.IIn one sense ALL my students are treated as TI's (TI = Trainee Instructor) As I ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Fixing a glider to a motorbike!!
Sure, we actually do this quite a lot in the UK. I have a Honda Fireblade which I have bored out and attached at Shelby supercharger so it develops about 180bhp. At the back of the bike is a ...
by Merlyn
Re: Nova Focus 1994
... as my first glider when I passed by club pilot. I think it was a very good glider, stable and good performance. The design my have been superceded by now, and with a glider from 1994 you need to ...
by Piccard08
Re: Paraglider for a newbie?
Hello Joe! I started paragliding about one year ago. I decided to go for a performance wing and have never regret this. It's a 'forgiving' performance wing, and I have never had any bad experience ...
by Skyglow
Re: Paragliding accident in San-Diego
Information taken from the Glider Port PRESS RELEASE: On September 15,1998 at approximately 1721 hours advanced paragliding instructor Men Raviv, age 38 was fatally injured as a result of a ...
by MurrayHay
Hang glider for sale
... tubes and new lower lines. Great for 140-165 pound pilot. Predictable flying traits with surprising performance. $1800 ...
by kc61803
Re: Leading cause of accidents?
I'm sorry, but when I read some of the answers ypu got here, I really think that hangglider pilots are betraying themselfs. Anyone who still believes the story of the drive to the launching site is ...
by pptramadol
Re: Looping a hang-glider
I find it interesting that you use the word 'dying'. In his book 'Performance Flying' .. Dennis Pagen writes ... 'We do not condone aerobatics and wish to discourage pilots from performing them. By ...
by pptramadol
Good deal or fatal mistake?
That's correct, Fintan, and I defintely agree that the K3 is not suitable for a beginner. Someone with Hang-3 skills and good judgement should be able to handle it okay - don't let your ego get ahead ...
by PPCmann
Re: The Bernoulli effect
Note: this is a replacment post and covers similar points but in a diffrent approach.. its best to study both this post and the 'recovered post' now in the forum Blog.. Oh it's shorter so may be the ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Initial cost to get into HG
I would like to get into hang gliding with a reasonable initial cost that includes a complete outfit, how much should I be prepared to spend? When I say complete, I mean 'everything except the truck' ...
by shay74
Re: Hang gliding 101
... ynamic efficiency, but rather decreases in weight, cost, and 'pack-up' size WITHOUT sacrificing the performance and ...
by chadwarner
Ballast...what is it used for
Why do gliders use ballast....does it reduce performance?
by dswagler
Air Borne 190
Hi Allan, I have no advise concerning the Airborne Fun. But... Since you plan to do a lot of flying, you'd probably be better off buying second hand, saving your money (unless money's no issue of ...
by juanorez
Re: Rookie Soars!!
: wind-in-your-face immediacy of HGing, but the performance : opens up a new world of soaring fun. isn't there a foot launcheable sailplane made now? Swift, or Swallow or similar name? Anyone flown ...
by Chalcedon
HP&L factor PG (pole hit) accident video!
Search on YouTube for " 'Lucky' Paragliding Accident " the YouTube ref is NYWtfvjTmD8 In this video a PG pilot on coming in to land in a playing field area (with a number of options) ends up flying ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Locking crossbar on a Dream 165
My old Dream 185, which I learned on back in 1985, had three positions for the crossbar attachment. These were three holes on a tang of about 5 inches that extended back from the crossbar junction. ...
by wbrian
Need info on SkyHawk Glider
... Hawk in mint condition at a reasonable price but I couldn't find any information about the glider's performance on the Wills Wing Site. I also checked the Hang Gliding databases and it speaks highly ...
by juanorez

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