Swiss citizen & HG pilot, Request Info about flying in USA
Hello, I'm a Swiss citizen and I already come in the US for 3 Years. I have a Hang Gliding license since 5 years and non-commercial tandem license since one year. Do I need something more to flight ...
by Ouapitis
Looking for Mario Rocchio from Alberta (HG pilot)
I am looking for a guy who is big into hang gliding and wondering if you might know him and help me get in touch! His name is Mario Rocchio from Alberta (he moves alot!). I purchased a couple of old ...
by Mo
As a BHPA trained pilot (100+ hours and no injuries) what is the most impor...
As a BHPA trained pilot (100+ hours and no injuries) what is the most important thing for me to unlearn or change?
by Guest
A story on PG safety from a glider pilot
A story on PG safety from a glider pilot, with a brief discussion of some of the accident statistiscs. It's in english and Dutch: English: http://home.worldonline.nl/byteflife/safe/english.htm Dutch: ...
by Donadoni1809
Lincolnshire England - nearest powered paragliding school /pilot
Lincolnshire England - nearest Paragliding school / pilot. Hello I live near the Lincs / Notts boarder in the UK. I would like to have a go at powered Paragliding / speak with a powered paraglider ...
by Linda2
Amir, new pilot, info on descending if weather goes bad?
Hi, My name is Amir and i just started for 5 months paragliding. My question is how can i decrease altitude when the weather goes bad?
by Guest
UK & Irish Third Party PG Pilot Insurance
Forwarded information: We recently had an enquiry for people living in Southern Ireland who needed Third Party Liability Cover and as non UK residents we were unable to help. We do try and help ...
by MurrayHay
Re: What brand of paraglider is best for begginers and why?
... were to give you reasons for recommending Gin / Advance, cheers Murray PS we have a couple of Gin pilots (they both also own other makes) and one pilot with an Advance ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Air sick
... g runny, greasy or nausiating by definition won't help. This was a recommendation by my old private pilot instructor and they said it ...
by mana
Angle of Attack
MPB-3deg comp 3 rib_3D.jpg
... sitive angle of attack' (AOA) and this angle is often stated to be about +8* (degrees). In addition pilots are taught that as soon as the AOA goes 'negative' your wing will fold in a 'frontal' or in ...
by MurrayHay
Licensing for flying overseas
'License' v 'Rating' As an example in the UK, PG pilots, if they wish, can get a rating from a couple of sporting association. This rating has no legal validity, it's simply a card issued by an ...
by MurrayHay
Can you restring a paraglider if a line breaks?
Vale wrote: ...... could you tie them on yourself? Or, if one is broken, can you fix it yourself? A bit of 'structural engineering' style physics, it is generally stated that the best knots ...
by MurrayHay
Re: New skywings format
Kelvin, What are you moaning about? This new visual language and lifestyle **** is all about blurred images and difficult to make out pictures. The hang-glider on the latest cover is tucked away in ...
by woodcutter
Re: Life of a Paraglider (wing)?
Most people will say about 300 hours of UV exposure. Some instructors or schools have actual porosity testing machines. Some do the tear test too, if its easy to tear on the ground, it will be easy ...
by terryswift
Re: How do hang-gliders fly, and how do paragliders fly?
I'm sorry to disapoint you, axel, but both hang gliders and paragliders fly using the bernoulli principle which (for our purposes) states that when air moving over a wing moves over the top surface ...
by David S
Re: Ballast, glide-ratio and sink rate?
Hi Joe There is no single answer to this question for the following reasons: While the BEST Glide Ration (angle) will be found on 'twitchy' comp 'rated' gliders, these days some of these gliders ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Paraglider: Looking for good beginner/intermedi ate wing
HI Eivind; The first thing to do is to listen to your instructors recommendations. The second thing to do is to be suspect of information you get off the news groups. There is a lot of ...
by fimbulvetr
Re: AILES DE K ASTAIR 62 Tandem PG Reserve question
The BHPA guest makes a good general point about age of reserves, the common view is that they should be replaced at around 10 years, from memory one of the 'offical' views was that post 10 years ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Interesting how this critique Mr Hay is removed (Troll?)
... eriously/listen to you?!Clearly false! While there is no doubt that some (a minority) of VERY Vocal pilots won't listen to: Facts ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Manta Fledge 3 ET. Serial No 141
I know that glider as myself and Russel Thompson assembled it. It ws sent to a pilot that was going to use it for competition (World Cup, I think). I got run over in transit and I don't think it ever ...
by helobill
Re: Anyone care to guess where he I banned from this time?
For clarity I've split this part of the reply: Quote: .... injurer of students and free flyers .... NOTE: In twenty year of this type of slander/liable from the supporters of the bhpa ltd the ...
by MurrayHay
The Compression Zone - PG Myth or fact?
Compression Zone or Physics.jpg
... right Murray Hay/PBM (Commercial) Photography/Precision Paragliding and the MPB Forum For years PG pilots have been taught that the commonly observed increase in the wind speed (and a very common ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Wannabe questions
last year when i learnt to fly. i was 33 years old. it may have been some part of a midlife crissis i was going through. or i simpily want to fly like an eagle.....it is true i thought i was going to ...
by SteveTheEgg
Re: Mitchell wing
My name is Chuck Rhodes. I currently own Mitchell Wing # 3 the original FAI World Record wing that George Worthington set the first official world records ever in a hang glider of any type and 6 ...
by mana
Re: BHPA Flying and Safety Committee (UK only intrest)
First: As 'Colin' AKA 'eBay buyer' is in fact using the same IP address as David Massie, who is a well know supporter of the BHPA Ltd, he's clearly just Trolling on this forum so has been banned. ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Age minimum for HG?
It would seem that Angelo missed the point of the California residents query on his daughters behalf. She is writing a school report, not looking for hang gliding instruction. To address her ...
by Calius
Fatal accidents in Greece
We were the only country until this summer with no fatal accidents. Paragliding has2 fatal accidents in the last week. 1.The reason of the first was not clearelly specified but we think that his new ...
by SteveTheEgg
Hang glider for sale
... 43, 120 hors and in exellent shape Original down tubes and new lower lines. Great for 140-165 pound pilot. Predictable flying traits with surprising performance. $1800 ...
by kc61803
Re: Paragliding and Deafness
Lyndon, I have flown and taught since '73 on both hang and paragliders. I'm convinced that the belief that one must hear the 'wind' (airspeed) is a complete myth. Stall appreciation and avoidance is ...
by OriNebula
Re: Paragliding accident in San-Diego
Information taken from the Glider Port PRESS RELEASE: On September 15,1998 at approximately 1721 hours advanced paragliding instructor Men Raviv, age 38 was fatally injured as a result of a ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Does Murray Hay have insurance to instruct or tandem fly.
Hi Barry FYI PBM (Commercial) Photography is my business (I also have property I rent). Apart from sponsoring East Scotland Paragliding club PBM has no connection with flying. MH ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Aerial snapshots
I had all the same shutdown problems with the IR remote on my Pentax Espio Mini. (Compact, auto focus, 135 film). I gave up with the IR remote and have adapted the camera for direct wired remote ...
by bgneub
Re: Supine flying
... ms of flying ability - but I presume it means you've left the HG school, and are a low-airtime club pilot? Well, ...
by shay74
Re: Now I know this is going to upset the usual suspects.
... by a significant margin!) free flight association in the UK is in fact approved by the CAA to issue pilots licences and historically register its ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Radio advice please (USA specific)
... her in use by many businesses. Therefore, there can be many others on the frequencies besides HG/PG pilots. Use of an 'agreed ...
by Trantor
Re: BHPA v Murray (of intrest in UK only/comments from other forums)
hurt wrote: Who have you maimed? There was this guy saying that you were involved when i guy hurt his back in Fife this year, doing downwind launches over crags when a seabreeze was coming in, ...
by MurrayHay
Re: For Sale: Zephyr aircraft Rogallo wing hang glider (1973)
... illed on Avon Mt in Ct in early 70; He and I lived next door and worked on thede in those dyas. Bst pilot going at the time. Keith Colli ...
by Avon mt CT flyer
Re: Loops
snip WHEN I And while you're at it, why don't you ride a tricycle on the motorway? Seriously - there are different tools for different jobs. Have you done a loop in a fixed wing aircraft yet? That ...
by Duane
Re: USHGA Waiver and Assumption of Risk Agreement
Peter- I just called USHGA up about the special meeting and got some interesting news. The purpose of the changes is to allow a new class of membership, (Basic), which would allow someone to join and ...
by Donadoni1809
Re: Leading cause of accidents?
Totally wild guess, unsupported by any facts: The same as in all air sports - pilot error.
by David S

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