Back to licensing and this is what was written. Please excuse the spelling ...

Back to licensing and this is what was written. Please excuse the spelling in parts as the naughty word thing seems to cause problems.
And I quote
"FACTS! Freeflight association NOT licensed! ILLEGAL and Highly Dangerous 'standards' I CHOSE to CAA license back in 90's"
Source twatter account of Dundees finest CAA licensed pilot.
So who is making it up my lud?

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The implication of the Troll's rant appears to be on the following;

The Troll appears to indicate they dispute the fact that their money making association (which in their own documents state they are in the business of making money BTY) is not licenced.... Of course IF the Troll had any interest in facts rather than a standard rant all they need do is provide details for their associations CAA licences...

The Troll also appears to suggest their associations highly illegal activities are not in fact illegal.... anyone interested checking into this can of course easily confirm that of course they do ignore/break many UK laws!

The Troll is as usual apparently trying to suggest that the same injury & death rates that association has been generating over their history (despite vast improvements in equipment etc...) don't indicate highly dangerous standards...

Lastly I guess the Troll is trying to imply that all the CAA licences I've held since the 90's, and exams I've sat don't exist...

The Troll can't grasp that those in the UK who 'make things up' are the ones who want to protect their millions in profits.... despite the human costs (injuries/deaths) of their actions...

Murray Hay, over two decades of promoting safe & legal paragliding 😄

Further communication on this topic is disabled.
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