Supine flying
Hi all, What percent of hangglider pilots fly supine and what are the advantages/disadvantages of flying supine? I always assumed less wind resistance prone. Or is it a control issue? To my ...
by Luddite
Licensing for flying overseas
... y, for example, to live, then they must study and train to get a German paragliding license to keep flying there.... In the case of New Zealand and Australia, ALL visiting pilots are legally required ...
by MurrayHay
BHPA Flying and Safety Committee (UK only intrest)
A few years ago I raised the issue of BHPA Ltd schools who imply in their advertising that they have approval, which they do NOT have... from the CAA (UK Civil Aviation Authority). The specific ...
by MurrayHay
Pyrenees Orientals winter flying
... to hearing from some new people and maybe some old friends aswell. If you are looking for a winter flying break then maybe ...
by bear
United states desert flying?
i want to fly in a remote desert location. i just love the solitude of the desert and i am looking for some launches well above the lz for long sled runs. i am a hang two so nothing too difficult but ...
by Luis
Real flying suit
I saw a show on TV not long ago about this. it certrainly wasn't thirty miles. I do recall them trying for a 4 mile record. the designer of this suit is not with us anymore but his good friend ...
by man-from-mars
BHPA Ltd Coach un-insured flying (UK only)
>>The case in point was a CP trying to launch first on the (correct for wind) north west side of East Lomond, Fife (lots of video on my YouTube account of this site) under the direct supervision of a ...
by diagonallyparked
Paragliding alphabet: F is for flying
The rare occasion which occurs after lots of parawaiting and a bit of paradriving :-D.
by R055YB0Y95
Spectacles for Flying
... h I hope some of you may have some suggestions for: I need to wear glasses to correct my sight when flying. I usually wear prescription sunglasses which are fine under normal circumstances. If ...
by breezhot
What's the flying weather been like in your part of the world?
The weather has been poor here in the UK for the last month. What is it like in your part of the world? normal or a bitty out of synch with norms.
by dried grass
Flying in Turkey
... w is ther anybody else going to Olu Deniz during this time and also does anybody have details about flying here or someone ...
by man-from-mars
Flying in Egypt...
I have a friend who will be taking a paraglider to Egypt and was curious about flying sites in that region. All responses will be appreciated.
by DS_84
Flying in Oelydinez Turkey
... b, which are planning a tour in october, therefore we need all kind of information about the place, flying conditions, places to stay, etc Thank you for ...
by dachs
Flying solo on a tandem?
can i fly alone with tandem paragliders or no? i want to buy a paraglider and i dont no what kind i must buy.
by omid
When flying a paraglider, when are accidents most likely to occur?
When flying a paraglider, when are accidents most likely to occur? A. During takeoff B. While flying over a ridge C. While flying over trees D. While landing
by Vale
Flying in Germany
This is for any pilots who can answer questions about flying in Germany. My name is David Barnhart, and I will be in Germany (staying in the Hanau/Frankfurt area) from March 1 through March 15. I ...
by breezhot
?Flying Teneriffa
Hi, any idea where to fly with the paraglider in the south of Teneriffa (canary islands)? Any hint welcome,
by man-from-mars
Swiss citizen & HG pilot, Request Info about flying in USA
Hello, I'm a Swiss citizen and I already come in the US for 3 Years. I have a Hang Gliding license since 5 years and non-commercial tandem license since one year. Do I need something more to flight ...
by Ouapitis
Looking for flying site in Hong Kong
Hi, My name is Rick. Does anyone know if there have a good flying sites in Hong Kong that good for Hang Gliding.Thank you for any information.
by brian1905
Flying in Mexico, Venezuela, Caribean
Aside from extreme NW Mexico, I only hear of Venezuela in terms of beach sites. Here is an (old) excerpt from the site guide accessible from my web page below:
by bgneub
Flying sites Virginia USA
Did some1 fly in Virginia US ? Pls send over all possible info about spots where I could fly my paraglider in VA or WV. Hanx in advance. PH
by Punkhoney
Flying suits???who has them
I have a flying suit on my christmas list. I fly hanggliders in particular . Who makes a good flying suit and how do I reach the makers of them? Life is good
by lakeswalker
Flying clips needed
I am trying to put together a presentation on the delights of hang gliding for my gliding club and need a few video clips of any stage of flight. Preferably in the form of AVI's. Are there any ...
by alfricagain
Flying in Crimea
Hi there, For some years now I have been trying to get into contact with hanggliding pilots that fly or have ever flown at the Crimea Island. Why Crimea??? Have you ever looked at the mountain rim ...
by jhkjurter
Advice/Information about flying at Fuertaventura
looking for any body who can provide help for me with my search for paragliding tips for para gliding on fuertaventura. i have vast experience within this sport.but am unsure where to launch to ...
by Guest
Flying at Lunan Bay Scotland :-)
With one of the highest tides (4.5m tide range today!) I've seen in a decade and a half flying this site the views, especially of our normal 'end of day' or 'lunchtime' landing spot next the 4x4 in ...
by MurrayHay
I have acquired a Bill Bennett Delta Wing Flying trike. It is in pristine c...
FOR SALE: "Bill Bennett 1970's Delta Wing Flying Trike" It is in pristine condition with the wing, single person seat with a 2 stroke engine attached to the rear seat frame. It also comes with a new ...
by Jerry
Looking for other LA Pilots (carpool & flying)
Hi everyone, I'm looking for other pilots in west side of Los Angeles who wants to carpool and flying regularly. Maybe San Bernardino? I live in Marina Del Rey, and it's kinda expensive to go to ...
by leon86ka
Re: UK Troll posting again
NOTE 1: Ross just phoned me (evening in Scotland) to let me know the original post by Troll 'Guest111' was no longer showing on the forum, the Troll had posted under the title 'instructor cops outs. ...
by MurrayHay
Angle of Attack
by MurrayHay
Re: Manta Fledge 3 ET. Serial No 141
If you went through the sailplane phase, you need a Swift or at least a Millennium. I haven't foot launched in many years. I kept my plane hangared at Foothills Flight Park in Hiddenite, NC. I flew ...
by Foxbat
Re: Life of a Paraglider (wing)?
... ugh guide if a wing gets wet, say from wet grass at launch or a light shower, and the pilot is then flying the wing will dry quickly in the air and not suffer, however ...
by MurrayHay
Re: What paraglider would you recommend a beginner?
It's often (if SE) coast flying in warm, sunny (dry) 'Sea Breeze' so by landing & packing up say an hour before sunset at the end of eight hours+ flying (19 hours 'aviation daylight' at this time of ...
by MurrayHay
Re: UK (BHPA) training or training abroad, which is safer?
Allcingeye wrote: With Many Youtube Videos Talking about BHPA will I be safer learning in Turkey or Germany.Turkey, AFAIK training is mainly by non Turkish schools. In Germany training will be to DHV ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Age minimum for HG?
It would seem that Angelo missed the point of the California residents query on his daughters behalf. She is writing a school report, not looking for hang gliding instruction. To address her ...
by Calius
Re: US Pilots: FCC Warns Hang Gliding Community
Are these the same guys that won't fill out that census form? ;-) I can't help but wonder if any of those 'suspicious' pilots ever had to get a firearms permit or a security clearance.. Many Hams ...
by Luddite
Re: Altimeter watches
I have been flying with the Casio PRT-30 (or earlier version) for several years and like it a lot. It's not my primary altimeter but the auto memory is a nice feature. During boring meetings I can ...
by Gauravnew
BHPA v Murray (of intrest in UK only/comments from other forums)
Source of quotes I'm replying to: (Also further comments here search for the ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Air sick
I used to lose breakfast all too frequently when flying. Ginger tablets have helped a lot. 2 big tablets (500mg?) before flying makes just enough of a difference to keep everything down, and doesn't ...
by swift tuttle
Mitchell wing
... ! I had never seen it being used as a hang glider. I'm wondering why guys aren't still building and flying Mitchell wings as hang ...
by alfricagain

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