Fly Away Home Glider?
Can any one identify the bi-wing glider seen at the beginning of the movie “Fly Away Home”?
by Luis
Info on Electra Flyer hang glider
I recently purchased an Electra Flyer hang glider used for $100.00. I am trying to find any information on this model that I can. I am about to take it to a dealer here to have it inspected and ...
by mana
For Sale: Zephyr aircraft Rogallo wing hang glider (1973)
I have an old Zephyr aircraft co. rogallo wing hang glider,about a 1973. I would like to sell it. If anyone is interrested. This glider is in very good cond't. It was flown very little and never ...
by Guest
Buying a Hang glider
I am thinking about buying a hang glider, nothing special, just something to glide between low hills. Can anybody tell me how cheap of a hang glider I can get that is still safe for this type of ...
by juanorez
Flaps in Hang glider ????
Hi :))) Is there anyone who know something about hang gliders with flaps ?? I heard that someone has built it. How ? For what ?
by Brian Sand
Fixing a glider to a motorbike!!
Hi everyone! I know this sounds stupid but has anyone figured out a way of attatching a hang-glider to a motorbike? Any ideas? - Dale PS Buying a car is not an option!!
by Trantor
Help with 20 yr old hang-glider???
Hello, My father bought a hang-glider in the 70's and I was interesting in finding out what would need to be replaced on it. I'm sure alot would need to be done but this is just wishful thinking ;-) ...
by Gauravnew
Looping a hang-glider
... een Hang Gliders being looped in France and endlessly on videos, I have even seen it done on a para glider. Is there anything really dangerous or difficult about this manouver, assuming you have a ...
by Linda2
Delta Hang-glider for sale
Bill Bennetts Delta Hang-glider used very little. From western Kentucky area.
by Merlyn
Who build the first controllable glider in 1890? He used wood and fabric to create a hang glider
He tried to fly by leaping from a spring board at first. He was a German pioneer in aviation.
by Marra M
Wanted hang glider
beginner pilot with hang I rating seeking used hang glider, harness & chute. falcon, pulse, target, spectrum...
by bankrott
Hang glider for sale
For sale: Wills Wing Supersport143, 120 hors and in exellent shape Original down tubes and new lower lines. Great for 140-165 pound pilot. Predictable flying traits with surprising performance. $1800 ...
by kc61803
Need info on SkyHawk Glider
... ase a SkyHawk in mint condition at a reasonable price but I couldn't find any information about the glider's performance on the Wills Wing Site. I also checked the Hang Gliding databases and it ...
by juanorez
Used hang glider
... I just started Hang Gliding off a tow here in Dallas area and I am interested in buying a good used glider for a fair price. Also interested in Harness and Chute. Can anyone help?????? Thanks, ...
by Trantor
Used hang glider classifieds?
Does anyone know of any good links for classifieds for used hang gliders? Thanks, Mike.
by jasy1
Glider comparison sites
Hello all. Anyone know the name of that fantastic comparison site which lists every glider I ever heard of? I did have it, but got a new 'puter, and lost it. Sigh, story of my life, your help ...
by Ali Duncan
How to build hang glider?
here is one page, where it is some how explained, but to build good hang glider is more detailed information needed. Does somebody know good web ...
by PPCmann
Sky Sports Osprey glider
I got a used older glider two summers ago, called a osprey made by skysports .Can some one please tell me how old and what kind of glider it was good bad ect. Thanks Guys
by Brian Sand
Need info on older Hang glider
I have aquired an older Hang Glider and the only markings on it I can find is a small decal that says Pacific Airwave. Does anyone know if this co. is still in business? If I could get an address, ...
by sail4evr
What do you do if you land your glider in a tree?
You overshoot your landing (or end up short of it) and you end up in a tree. How do you get yourself and your glider safely to the ground?
by Vale
Hi im looking at hang glider for sale its a Wills Wing Sport...
hi im looking at hang glider for sale its a Wills Wing Sport European Excellent Condition...approx 40 hrs tt 167 sq ft,65 lbs,owner's manual,batten template,2 extra down tubes, Pilot Weight ...
by Guest
Looking for Used Hang Glider for Tandem
I am looking for used hang glider for tandem, good condition and cheap ofcourse...i'm usually flying (solo)on places anywhere in my country...but now i'm interest fly and bring pasanger (friend or ...
by Koesnadi Bohon
My school project glider: How to explain 'Bernoulli' Help!
Hi, I have made a glider for my school project and on Monday i have to explain how i used Bernoulli's principle to make it fly I really need some help Thank you, Vanessa
by Guest
First Glider
Two years ago, I passed my student's pilot license for paragliders, and then had to give it up due to lack of cash - what grief. Oh joy! - I've now got the money to start again - back to school, but ...
by adowlin
do you still have your glider for sale? I'm interested. If so, please send photos thanks
by proys
A story on PG safety from a glider pilot
A story on PG safety from a glider pilot, with a brief discussion of some of the accident statistiscs. It's in english and Dutch: English: Dutch: ...
by Donadoni1809
Motor glider ?
Me and my brother have the best of intentions to build the motor glider, but we are lacking in blueprints :). Had anyone here done something like this, and what are the problems that you've ...
by Merlyn
Re: What brand of paraglider is best for begginers and why?
Brand is not a major issue, I would say any of the makers that you see listed on the main 'selection page' within Para2000 will have a decent build quality, I tend to advise new pilots to go for a ...
by MurrayHay
Angle of Attack
... be equally confused having read some of the disagreement that is going on here!" It may assist paraglider pilots who were taught the standard nonsense regarding 'AoA' and 'pitch' to watch these ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Manta Fledge 3 ET. Serial No 141
Hi Paul, Thanks for responding! The fledge III is my favorite glider in the world that I have ever flown and being almost 50 years old I look at this as my big last stand at hang gliding and am very ...
by fledge III
What are the main components of a paraglider?
Taking the logical approach and going 'top to bottom'... Wing which has small loops stitched into the 'under'side of the material. Next: Top line set, as the BEST knot in the world will ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Life of a Paraglider (wing)?
... etc and most importantly keep it out of sunlight when not used. Then it also depends on the type of glider, a school glider will probably keep ...
by sail4evr
Re: What paraglider would you recommend a beginner?
... -7 years old. Glider use 5 (or less!) to 50 hours flight time. A good sign is: Advert stating the glider has been serviced & tested recently (i.e. last 6 ...
by MurrayHay
Re: DK Whisper
Have two new sets of DK whisper yellow props for only $250 a set or best offer for both?? Also two whisper cages and a frame with very little use. Open to offers to those of you who have had rough ...
by bankrott
Re: Age minimum for HG?
... for info. 13 is not too young an age provided she can control the weight and mass of the glider when launching and landing (talking hangglider not paraglider here) My friend was 14 when he ...
by brian1905
US Pilots: FCC Warns Hang Gliding Community
The following information was taken from the Amateur Radio Newsline Service, and is reposted here for general dissemination. FCC licensing has recently streamlined and made it easier to get the ...
by dswagler
Re: Air sick
Sure, don't fly!! :-) Some times I get sick flying my hangy even though I'm driving. Funny, I find if I've got a full stomach I feel much worse than on an empty one. I try not to eat anything too ...
by DS_84
Re: Supine flying
See my other reply in this thread for more detail. I'm not sure, being in the UK, exactly what a Hang2 rating is, in terms of flying ability - but I presume it means you've left the HG school, and ...
by shay74
Re: Home built Hang Gliders
I have been thinking the same thing. My oldest son is going to build a glider for his Home's Cool project this year. I just may build one at the same time. I haven't flown in years. It's really ...
by bankrott
Mitchell wing
A friend sent me pictures of the Mitchell wing and it was being used as a hang glider. I was amazed! I had never seen it being used as a hang glider. I'm wondering why guys aren't still building and ...
by alfricagain

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