Hi Why do a lot of people launch with their arms stretched out behind them ...
Hi Why do a lot of people launch with their arms stretched out behind them ?
by Guest
Where to launch (paramotor) southern New Jersey beaches
Is there any good spots on the southern New Jersey beaches to launch from ( powered paraglider)
by Guest
Angle of Attack
by MurrayHay
Re: Manta Fledge 3 ET. Serial No 141
+Never flew there, started in New England,'79, moved to Tahoe and roomed with a Manta employee, he talked me into a III and loved it ever since. I worked at Sierra Ultralights where we manufactured ...
by Tim Bush
Re: Life of a Paraglider (wing)?
... be significant is exposure to moisture, as a rough guide if a wing gets wet, say from wet grass at launch or a light shower, and the pilot is then flying the wing will dry quickly in the air and not ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Mitchell wing
My name is Chuck Rhodes. I currently own Mitchell Wing # 3 the original FAI World Record wing that George Worthington set the first official world records ever in a hang glider of any type and 6 ...
by mana
Re: Air sick
... any people to get motion sickness. It may be a good idea to have muffins or donuts available before launch, it helps solve this problem and impresses the ...
by sail4evr
Re: Hang Gliding in New Jersey
Fly High HG teaches out of Ellenville, NY launch site. There site is They were featured in the current issue of Outside Mag. As for HG sites in NJ I don't know of many ...
by PooMan
US Pilots: FCC Warns Hang Gliding Community
The following information was taken from the Amateur Radio Newsline Service, and is reposted here for general dissemination. FCC licensing has recently streamlined and made it easier to get the ...
by dswagler
Re: BHPA v Murray (of intrest in UK only/comments from other forums)
... s this guy saying that you were involved when i guy hurt his back in Fife this year, doing downwind launches over crags when a seabreeze was coming in, Anyway what do you have ...
by MurrayHay
The Compression Zone - PG Myth or fact?
... air above the hill. When it comes to accidents, both in the case of later arriving pilots trying launch to join those already easily soaring "in front of the compression zone" where the just ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Does it exist a double surface for a beginner?
I learned on a Vision 17 and would highly recommend it to the serious beginner. The wing is easy to launch and land, and on the light days, would easily sky out well above the blade wings.
by scubagirl77
Re: Supine flying
Hey Rod, I think all would agree with me when I say what an excellent article you wrote ! As someone who is planning to get back into hang gliding after a 15 year break, I found it inspiring to say ...
by lakeswalker
Re: Helmet Get one that fits.
Hi Ross While the direct impact protection of most sport.... (i.e. including motorcycling helmets, which have FAR better impact absorbing standards than 'airsports' helmets!) ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Newbie needs HG instruction advice.
... but we were only on the bunny hill for two days of an eight day course. The steeper hills had short launch runs but the drag back up was harder. Switching ...
by BrettLindsley
Re: Question Regarding BHPC (UK Only)
>>Perhaps why over the years I've had more than a few bhpa ltd 'coaches' as me to help them sort out their wing/launch or help the member they were trying to 'coach'!
by diagonallyparked
Re: When flying a paraglider, when are accidents most likely to occur?
... ver the last two decades of those (most) who have HAD an significant accident most are at following launch. In general talking to other pilots the majority view is "about 40%" at ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Ecstasy demo
... t really an answer, but some related info (incl vario stuff): - Exxtasy was rated easier than HG to launch and land on maillist archives (accessible under 'more soaring' in sig URL below) - Is the ...
by dachs
Why do paragliding pilots need to wear a helmet?
... play in two main scenarios: A. The first (and most common by far!) is the 'pilot dragged at/before launch.' THIS issue I have seen a number of times as a result of the pilot's helmet (more often a ...
by MurrayHay
Re: USA: Ok to switch PG instructor? (Feeling a lack of progress)
Hi Andrea Mmmm well I've spent much of the last 15 years teaching (especialy for launches) pilots to be Lazy (& Efficent)... In my opinion one of the things the sport needs is NON 'agressive' ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Rigid wing homepage back
Hooray for Stewart Midwinter!! The rigid wing site is indeed the biggest info source on the net that I have seen on the subject. We exchanged an E-mail or two, and I supplied him with a couple of ...
by Calius
Re: Leading cause of accidents?
I would have to agree withJohan on most of the points that he has made. I have been involved in the sport off and on for many years, but have really started to do more flying over the last two. Many ...
by paultrr
Re: Hang gliding 101
My advice: pick a narrow focus. Take one aspect of hang-gliding and make it better. To paraphrase an old builder's joke, you can make hang-glider that's safe, or you can make a hang-glider that's ...
by DS_84
Re: Camera for hanggliding ?
Good choice. A while ago I looked for camera's with IR. I found that ALL of them turned IR-reception off after 2 or 3 minutes (to save battery power), except in one case it took 10 minutes. But they ...
by Evan
Re: As a BHPA trained pilot (100+ hours and no injuries) what is the most impor...
Regarding flight safety this question is impossible to answer without seeing you launch/fly (various conditions) land, in addition without knowing your knowledge regarding F214, F215's etc etc, as ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Help (newbie): tandem-wing hang gliders
There were two fairly successful designs in the early 1970's. One was the Icarus II and the other was called Easy Riser. Imagine a WWI German Taube with no fuselage or tail. Both steered with wingtip ...
by scubagirl77
Re: PG training wanted for slightly disabled (UK, Hampshire)
Hi Tony, a little more info on disability would help, also your age. I've had an 85 year old with one leg out for (tandem) training, in his case mobility on grass was limited to about 15ft...! but ...
by MurrayHay
Re: PG design question - why no poles to prevent collapse ?
Whether this statement is true depends on the altitude where the collapse happens. A severe collapse at 5 meters over solid ground is catastrophe for the most experienced pilot. True, I'm a HG pilot ...
by Merlyn
Re: HG Harness advice wanted
I've been flying with a CG harness for years now. They are definalty not the most popular, but I really like it. The 'off the shelf' model has a ton a storage which I love. They are quite popular in ...
by shay74
Flying in Germany
This is for any pilots who can answer questions about flying in Germany. My name is David Barnhart, and I will be in Germany (staying in the Hanau/Frankfurt area) from March 1 through March 15. I ...
by breezhot
Re: Stronger wind launches
I did not write the stuff below, it may be educational (Not likely) regards RoyG Points to note for flying Paragliders in high winds (30+mph Steve Auld {Alternate title: ‘Goodbye, cruel world, ...
by adowlin
Re: Has anyone actually used the FlyNet or FlyNet Variometer? I am interested i...
Hi and welcome :-) First, I've no personal experiance of FlyNet but based on a quick search on line.. as this unit requires linking with your phone via Bluetooth I would not advise going for it ...
by MurrayHay
Advice/Information about flying at Fuertaventura
... for para gliding on fuertaventura. i have vast experience within this sport.but am unsure where to launch to launch off, also any body there like to meet ...
by Guest
Re: Radio question
and reading about guys flying in the states most (not all) people are using 2m radios.< This is true to most extent, but please mind that several differences exist in US vs Austrailia usage. First of ...
by Linda2
Re: Trying to convince my wife
In 1998, 4 out of approx. 4,000 paragliders in the USA died. 1 in 1,000 is a similar statistic as motorcycling. She probably wouldn't want you to ride either. Those 4 pilots were advanced pilots. ...
by bankrott
Re: ITV paragliders
Remember when ITV created one of the first paragliders (if not THE first) in 1985, The 'Asterion'? Thanks to people like them, paragliding is the sport we know today...Sur
by mana
Re: PG in Nice
I saw a lot of people flying late Feb this year, just got to do it. Saw some HG pilots launch off the top of the Grande Montain (bit phonetic) not sure if I'd throw myself off of that, boarding down ...
by scubagirl77
Re: Saturn Comparison
Unknown wrote; it to other Rec. class gliders? I flew one at a local dune site a few months ago. It was marginal, so I only made a few passes with it, but I was struck by how slow it could fly ...
by Bhaok
Attention travelling video enthusiasts everywhere. EVEO wants you! What is EVEO? EVEO is a new destination for broadband video on the web. It's yours because we want video stories produced by you... ...
by alfricagain
Re: Towing recomendations wanted
Can someone comment on/describe experiences with towing/winch-launch for paragliders? Specifically, the safety aspects, equipment required, things that can go wrong and how to resolve them, etc. ...
by scubagirl77

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