The National sites guide
Would some kind soul please punt up the location of the national sites guide. I found it once with alta vista, but can't find it again. taverymuch.
by Ducati999
Hang gliding sites/ schools near London England.
Well, The subject says it all really. Anyone know? 'Laughing at ya!'
by Calius
Glider comparison sites
Hello all. Anyone know the name of that fantastic comparison site which lists every glider I ever heard of? I did have it, but got a new 'puter, and lost it. Sigh, story of my life, your help ...
by Ali Duncan
Flying sites Virginia USA
Did some1 fly in Virginia US ? Pls send over all possible info about spots where I could fly my paraglider in VA or WV. Hanx in advance. PH
by Punkhoney
Any HG/PG sites/schools near Fleet (M3 J4a) Hampshire England ?
Hi, I'm 33, and looking to have a go at this before I get too old and decrepit! I think I have good spatial awareness, and a reasonable technical understanding of physics and meteorology. I've also ...
by Luis
Hang II sites - Idaho
Hello, It looks like I might be in Idaho this summer and was wondering where the hang II sites are located. I'm a new hang glider pilot with a hang II rating and still need an easy, forgiving hang ...
by Salamander
Looking for some hang-gliding web sites
hiya guys hey my brother is developing a new winch for hang gliding pilots im been stuck with the job of driving the 'puter and the car this new winch is looking good it works on the payout principle ...
by jhkjurter
Which are the best paragliding sites on earth?
Which are the best paragliding sites on earth? What makes them best?
by jade
Re: Manta Fledge 3 ET. Serial No 141
Hi Chuck Thanks for your message. I intend using the kite for un-powered ridge soaring. The slide arrangement on the cross bar, for the rudders, looks a weird business to use. I presume that when ...
by Homer9
Licensing for flying overseas
'License' v 'Rating' As an example in the UK, PG pilots, if they wish, can get a rating from a couple of sporting association. This rating has no legal validity, it's simply a card issued by an ...
by MurrayHay
Re: What paraglider would you recommend a beginner?
The main 'down side' with these sites and evening flying is (E / SE wind across The North Sea) the Relative Humidity is very close to 100%.... so while the flying is often Great... your left with a ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Ballast, glide-ratio and sink rate?
Hi Joe There is no single answer to this question for the following reasons: While the BEST Glide Ration (angle) will be found on 'twitchy' comp 'rated' gliders, these days some of these gliders ...
by MurrayHay
Hang Gliding in New Jersey
Hi everyone, Is there any good school in NewJersey for HG. Any suggestion. Any HG sites in NJ. Thanks Sal
by stewyoume
Re: US Pilots: FCC Warns Hang Gliding Community
... are no different than USHGA members who are adamandt about keeping non-rated pilot's off of 'thier' sites. designated for some obscure practice like bouncing weak signals off Uranus and the HAM ...
by Brian Sand
BHPA AGM this weekend 1st march 2014. (UK)
BHPA AGM this weekend 3 march 2013. BHPA AGM The Annual General Meeting of the BHPA will be held on Saturday March 2rd 2013 at the Belfry Hotel, Nottingham, NG8 6PY,starting at 11am. Last year‘s ...
by head in the sand
The Compression Zone - PG Myth or fact?
Note: Some photos still to be added: Update 01:20 Zulu time 11/05/2016 Copyright Murray Hay/PBM (Commercial) Photography/Precision Paragliding and the MPB Forum For years PG pilots have been taught ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Home built Hang Gliders
Billy, there is plenty going on in arkansas. Search for Hang Gliding on the web and you will find a home page that lists several links and one of them lists all the clubs and sites by state.
by sail4evr
Re: Question Regarding BHPC (UK Only)
diagonallyparked wrote: Why not? That is quite right that any lower air time coach use the skills of a pilot with several thousand hours airtime .. I also believe its sensible to use something like ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Paragliding in Singapore
... is high is covered with aerials or buildings. The island is the size of the IOW but with no flying sites for HG//PG. The ...
by mana
Re: Who has the authority for paragliding training in the uk? I am thinking of ...
BTY the eastern half of your island is under/in the Restricted Airspace of R610B/0.75-5.0 so (the 0.75 bit) it's OK for coastal soaring but flying is limited however your OK for the west side of the ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Paragliding - LANZAROTE
Definitley take your wing, some excellent sites. Sorry I don't have details of contacts, But if you get in touch with 'Lejair' or something like that (A hanggliding school in Englandshire) the nice ...
by cihoovcvb
Re: Hang glidiing cub in Ottawa Canada???
Hi Rick, I am emailing you directly and posting this information for other pilots... Yes there is a club and it is the Ottawa Hanggliding Paragliding Club (OHPC). I am the club secretary and we have ...
by Luis
Re: BHPA v BHPC What's the difference? (UK)
The following quote is from a recent EX-bhpa Ltd school, the CFI was until the start of this year a 'senior member of the BHPA Ltd'. AFAIK that makes three fewer BHPA Ltd schools over the last year ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Min age to paraglide in your location?
Update on UK under 16 soaring. We have recently had a change to match Europe so now provided for all the SOLO flying the pilot is OVER 14 (under 14 tandem flying is as always OK) soaring tasks are ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Future of Hang Gliding in the UK....
In a nutshell - in the UK - the situation is this: It is MUCH easier to train and qualify to fly as a paraglider - about half the time it takes to train and qualify as a Hang Glider. And physically, ...
by donincardona
Re: Does Murray Hay have insurance to instruct or tandem fly.
Hi Barry FYI PBM (Commercial) Photography is my business (I also have property I rent). Apart from sponsoring East Scotland Paragliding club PBM has no connection with flying. MH ...
by MurrayHay
BHPA v Murray (of intrest in UK only/comments from other forums)
Source of quotes I'm replying to: (Also further comments here search for the ...
by MurrayHay
Re: PG training wanted for slightly disabled (UK, Hampshire)
Hi Tony, a little more info on disability would help, also your age. I've had an 85 year old with one leg out for (tandem) training, in his case mobility on grass was limited to about 15ft...! but ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Courchevel Paragliding Info ??
... e near Courchevel, I would suggest having a flight at St Hilaire and above the lake at Annecy. Both sites are very well known, and have spectacular views. Generally the ...
by Gauravnew
Paragliding in the Azores - Don Hatten
Hello I am from the Azores. Have you ever considered coming to these islands ? Guess what, the climate isn't so bad, the people are great. Nature is still nature. Good for paraglidings, snorkling, ...
by Challenger
Flying in Germany
This is for any pilots who can answer questions about flying in Germany. My name is David Barnhart, and I will be in Germany (staying in the Hanau/Frankfurt area) from March 1 through March 15. I ...
by breezhot
Looking for GUIDED HG tour late Jan/Feb/March
Hi, At the moment I am working very hard for a fair which is in mid-jan (1998). Between the fair and the start of the flying season here in Germany I want to do some flying. I have got the german ...
by OriNebula
Re: Troll posting
Considering the number of deaths (including two 'coaches' colliding with each other in a single accident) and injuries you do have to wonder about the 'mind set of UK PG trolls'.... fortunately on ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Time & cost to get your PG license?
Hi Vale just a quick reply just now (I'll try to get time for more info) 'License' v 'Rating' As an example in the UK, PG pilots if they wish can get a rating from a couple of sporting association, ...
by MurrayHay
Re: CA coast consistency in winter?
San Diego. 12 sites within 2 hours of the city, both coastal ridge and mountain thermal. Maverick
by Challenger
Re: What are the main components of a paraglider?
Hi Vale I've never personally know anyone to carry floss in their harness but it's certainly a viable idea for light & small yet capable of pulling a rescue line. My (rescuer end of 'system' rather ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Paragliding near Bonn
Hi Rodrigo, may be I can help you. There are some flying sites about 100 km around Bonn. In the north west near 'Jülich' (~ 60 km) is a little hill called 'Sofienhöhe', 135 m high and useable at ...
by MatiuSnefert
Re: New on the admin team
Dear Jade, Respect is a thing that has to earned in so many ways I am sure you will agree. It would be fair to say that Murray does not earn my respect, due to his many deeds, utterances and actions, ...
by dried grass
BHPA Pilots mid-air collision, Isle of Arran Sept 2015
... hing in the mid 90's, I've lost count of the number of 'close calls' I have witnessed on 'mixed' PG ...
by guest1
... ociation). try You won't be allowed to fly off it.... you must fly from club sites. Well, first think about going to a paragliding ...
by sail4evr

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