Troll post split

Due to problems elsewhere.

Yo rossyboy,
Please take the time to check who actually started the thread.....
I had posted it elsewhere in context of the thread in question.
But some do not like that do they?
So why post?
Well for to long someone has been offering their own brand of incomplete and inadequate training with a rather ripe dose of hypocrisy thrown in.
If only one prospective "student" is saved from this training that has led to multiple hospital visits, then success
Wishing you well.

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As usual this UK troll, who hides their identity as normal, makes it clear they support the UK 'training' which, in addition to almost 100 deaths (including among instructors, coaches, 'expert' & normal members as well as students under instruction....), has generated million of pounds of profit over the last few decades....

So "WHY" is something that courts are interested in (the motivation) I'll leave it to forum members to think how they, if sitting on the jury in court, would judge the troll's actions.....

Murray Hay, over two decades of providing RE-training to PG (and the odd HG) pilots from the UK and abroad, many of the UK ones coming to me AFTER being injured

1 month ago #3

Do you honestly expect me to believe that you and guest are 2 different people?. You both post exactly the same garbage and it's written in exactly the same style of writing. Nice try.

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