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Well 3 weeks since I could reply,
But I have to say the irony of you "cautioning" normal pilots and then colliding with another is just that ironic.

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Considering the number of deaths (including two 'coaches' colliding with each other in a single accident) and injuries you do have to wonder about the 'mind set of UK PG trolls'.... fortunately on the occasion when the member of the Trolls association flew (his body/harness) in to the rear of my left wing tip as I was landing....

For those who are incompetent regarding air law:

Overtaking aircraft are required to remain clear of aircraft they are overtaking i.e DON'T fly into the back of other aircraft!

Aircraft give way to aircraft to their right i.e. DON'T fly into that aircraft's left wing (from rear)

Aircraft in flight (PG pilot at wing height) give way to aircraft landing (or taking off)

So for the UK the obvious question is WHY support an association which is still injuring and killing it's members at the SAME rate as it did with the PG equipment / no mobile weather internet MET sites etc back in the 80's & 90's?????????

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Oh goodie a new thread oh look it's guest111 oh look it's a load of nonsense again.
Don't you have anything better to do with your time?.

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