Looking for a display for a Ball M19 vario. (USA Poster).
i am looking for a display for a Ball M19 vario. does anyone know where to get one?
by Guest
Which Vario?
I've had my glider for a few months now and I'd like to get a vario. A useful piece of advice I've had is to think long-term and get something that I'll want to use for a few years. So what should I ...
by dswagler
Hi everyone, I am looking for any variometer plans that I can build from or modify parts from. Any information on this subject would be appreciated Please Regards to all, Allen.
by fimbulvetr
Flytec Vario Communication?
... little more than just 'stuffing' the data into column and rows. It shows a graphic of the flight in various ways (height, vario, speed). You can configure all the settings from your PC, which is a ...
by Skyglow
Looking for Ball M50 or 652 vario
Looking for a Ball M50 or 652 vario for a project. Must be working condition with no corrosion.
by Bob
Brauniger vario
I am a hang glider pilot and use a Brauniger IQ series vario. There is a function in there for when you land to give an alarm when the stall speed is reached and you push out. I haven't been able to ...
by woodcutter
So I read the Brauniger and Flytecs are the same. And they are okay!......Except for that one has to be sent back to the factory within a time span that ought not to be and with the others there is ...
by breezhot
Solar Vario
Can anyone out there comment on a mini solar powered vario called the Solario and made in Germany? Features? Cost? Where can you buy one?
by Salamander
Mallettec Mini Vario v Ball Cricket?
I'm looking for a small audio vario to work with a non audio panel vario instrument. These seem to be the two choices. I've seen a few good comments about the Mallettec Mini Vario but nothing about ...
by Steve_crash
Which Vario
... odifications and upgrades since the last opinions or comparisons were presented. When I search for varios and talk with the pilots who have flown for many, ...
by David Segura
Re: Supine flying
See my other reply in this thread for more detail. I'm not sure, being in the UK, exactly what a Hang2 rating is, in terms of flying ability - but I presume it means you've left the HG school, and ...
by shay74
The Compression Zone - PG Myth or fact?
Note: Some photos still to be added: Update 01:20 Zulu time 11/05/2016 Copyright Murray Hay/PBM (Commercial) Photography/Precision Paragliding and the MPB Forum For years PG pilots have been taught ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Ecstasy demo
Not really an answer, but some related info (incl vario stuff): - Exxtasy was rated easier than HG to launch and land on maillist archives (accessible under 'more soaring' in sig URL below) - Is the ...
by dachs
Re: Stronger wind launches
if the wind is so strong, you have to use the centre As, put your canopy back in its back and go home, otherwise at best you'll be gale hanging, at worst you'll be blown backwards, been there done ...
by Linda2
Re: Has anyone actually used the FlyNet or FlyNet Variometer? I am interested i...
Hi and welcome :-) First, I've no personal experiance of FlyNet but based on a quick search on line.. as this unit requires linking with your phone via Bluetooth I would not advise going for it ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Aircotec
I second the motion..I need to get a printer for my vario....(for the barograph.) The company did go broke apparently at one time , but I heard they started up under a new name but ...
by OriNebula
Flytec Varios - Repairs/UK
Anyone know where I can get a Flytec 4020 vario repaired in the UK? Its lost its beep. Thanks in advance.
by Brian Sand
Re: Flytec 4020 Prof. - Problems
Sounds to me as if one of the wires connecting the speaker has fallen off. This can easily happen if you have ever opened the vario. Unscrew the back and check. Chaloner Hale
by shay74
Re: |Thermalling technique
I only fly gliders, not hang gliders, and usually fly by an audio vario in which the pitch of the tone relates to the strenght of the lift. After a single turn, i remember the change in tone through ...
by BrettLindsley
Ball M19e opinions ?
Do any of you here have any experience or opinions regarding the Ball M19e Vario? I'm not really interested in the more sophisticated,feature rich, and expensive models at this point. I'm more ...
by lakeswalker
I is for Instruments
... the air can be be both by acoustics (beeep!) Or visually needles or display showing movement. Altivario + altitude see A. GPS ...
by Guest 111
Re: Initial cost to get into HG
I would like to get into hang gliding with a reasonable initial cost that includes a complete outfit, how much should I be prepared to spend? When I say complete, I mean 'everything except the truck' ...
by shay74
Good deal or fatal mistake?
That's correct, Fintan, and I defintely agree that the K3 is not suitable for a beginner. Someone with Hang-3 skills and good judgement should be able to handle it okay - don't let your ego get ahead ...
by PPCmann
Re: Davron 300 Skywatch ASI for sale
Stewart I am interested in the vario if you still have it, but your email address is invalid, can you reply with more details, age condition etc, if you still have it that is??
by dachs
Wannabe questions
Hi! When one reads in a flight report that 'my vario was wailing' or 'it was pegged', what is the rate of climb? What do most varios 'peg' at? Also, how abt info from some of you concerning what age ...
by chadwarner
Try DAVRON (uk Vario manufacturer) They use the same printer Davron Ltd Heston Kent
by breezhot
Hang Gliding
Hang Gliding 'Museum' The Seattle Museum of Flight is a very significant aviation museum and is, I believe, the biggest aviation museum in the West. They have decided to create a temporary hang ...
by SteveTheEgg
Cost of sailplane (was airwave)
... eapest new sailplane you can buy? No Kits, just a new sailplane, the most basic instruments , say a vario and speed ...
by Brian Sand
Afro Variometer repairs
I have a Afro Micropanel vario which has started to play up. Does anyone know were I can have repairs carried out? (preferably in the uk). Also is Afro in Germany still trading? I have not heard ...
by klaretonor
Instrument Mounts?
I heard recently of an injury from a very hard landing, which involved internal injuries requiring surgery. Apparently, a major portion of the internal damage was done by the GPS mounted on the base ...
by Skyglow
I am looking for a vario, new or used. Good price, good performance... Any suggestions? I would like one with a pleasant sound, not some irritating chirping. It would kick **** if I could program in ...
by swift tuttle

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