Stronger wind launches
I read somewhere that to bring the wing up in strong conditions it is an advantage to pull it up on the centre 'A' lines. As lately it has been too strong to take it out of the house to try, I just ...
by dswagler
What are 3 flare landing techniques for when there is no wind?
There is one technique that is good for older canopies. Another one that is good for modern ones, but requires a little running. And a third that requires exact timing and precision. Can you describe ...
by Vale
Re: What brand of paraglider is best for begginers and why?
... in I fly Mac para wings. Started off with a muse(1)which I found great as a first wing but when the wind picked up it was a bug... to handle on the ground. Now I fly an eden III 22,a great wing but ...
by Simon
Re: UK Troll posting again
NOTE 1: Ross just phoned me (evening in Scotland) to let me know the original post by Troll 'Guest111' was no longer showing on the forum, the Troll had posted under the title 'instructor cops outs. ...
by MurrayHay
Angle of Attack
by MurrayHay
Re: What paraglider would you recommend a beginner?
The wind here is usually W, coming from the Mediterranean. But lucky me, usually humidity is never as high as you describe.
by jade
Re: Mitchell wing
My name is Chuck Rhodes. I currently own Mitchell Wing # 3 the original FAI World Record wing that George Worthington set the first official world records ever in a hang glider of any type and 6 ...
by mana
For Sale new DK WHISPER PLUS Engine break in and 2 short fli...
For Sale new DK WHISPER PLUS Engine break in and 2 short flights Symphony XL canopy new w/bag. DT32 tach&egt attached to harness vest. Chest expander for larger pilots. All manuals,Prop covers,Fuel ...
by ncvette1
The Compression Zone - PG Myth or fact?
... and the MPB Forum For years PG pilots have been taught that the commonly observed increase in the wind speed (and a very common feature in accident reports!) at the top of a ridge is due to ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Ballast, glide-ratio and sink rate?
... rease your sink rate. That's a fact. If you add weight you will have better penetration into a head wind, in other words you will have a better glide into the wind. Adding ...
by Calius
Re: Which Vario?
Speaking of Varios, I have a Flytec 3030 Pro for sale. This vario has 2 altimeters and a barogragh function that lets you record your flights and print them out or download them to a computer. It ...
by breezhot
Re: BHPA v Murray (of intrest in UK only/comments from other forums)
... re was this guy saying that you were involved when i guy hurt his back in Fife this year, doing downwind launches over crags when a seabreeze was coming in, Anyway what do you have ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Where to fly in Norway
The answer is: Vågå, in case you got substandard email programs, it is spelt Vaga, with rings over the 'a's. Its the national center of hanggliding in Norway. It is a big valley, with high ...
by bankrott
Re: Supine flying
How do we fly in our dreams? I, for one, fly prone. That's why I do it that way in my HG. It just seems so natural to take my few aggressive steps into the wind and lay my **** down like Superman!
by SteveTheEgg
Re: What is the name of the first paragliding wing ever flown?
There is a fair degree of debate as to the first 'paraglider' with a reasonable argument supporting the idea that the first 'foot launched' (non-rigid wings) flights were done by parachute riggers in ...
by MurrayHay
Re: How do hang-gliders fly, and how do paragliders fly?
It would be wonderful if a HG or PG could take off and gain altitude in horizontal wind. Intuitively this seem to defy fundamental natural laws (for example energy conservation) . However I have not ...
by Chant Dhames
Re: Radio advice please (USA specific)
channels? There are many radios you can use. The 'standard' USHGA frequency is 151.625MHz, which cannot be reached by many of the '2-meter' radios on the market without modifications. The reason that ...
by jhkjurter
German rigid wing?
Looking for info on a new German rigid wind similar to the Extacy.
by pptramadol
Re: Paragliding accident in San-Diego
Information taken from the Glider Port PRESS RELEASE: On September 15,1998 at approximately 1721 hours advanced paragliding instructor Men Raviv, age 38 was fatally injured as a result of a ...
by MurrayHay
Rigid wing homepage back
hi everybody, the rigid wing homepage is back. Everybody who is interested in rigid wings should regularily monitor this page. It's been a long time since there was so much movement and new products ...
by Luddite
Re: Leading cause of accidents?
So then, All most all (95%) accidents are avoidable? no equipment failure? no sudden wind gusts? wind sheer maybe?
by Linda2
Re: Min age to paraglide in your location?
Update on UK under 16 soaring. We have recently had a change to match Europe so now provided for all the SOLO flying the pilot is OVER 14 (under 14 tandem flying is as always OK) soaring tasks are ...
by MurrayHay
Re: Future of Hang Gliding in the UK....
In a nutshell - in the UK - the situation is this: It is MUCH easier to train and qualify to fly as a paraglider - about half the time it takes to train and qualify as a Hang Glider. And physically, ...
by donincardona
The Bernoulli Effect
A good (and interesting) example of Physics (Bernoulli's Theorem) at work on the BOTTOM (AND of course the Top) surface of the wing can be seen on my 'Demo Tip Touch Harness Control' YouTube video ...
by MurrayHay
Re: PG training wanted for slightly disabled (UK, Hampshire)
Hi Tony, a little more info on disability would help, also your age. I've had an 85 year old with one leg out for (tandem) training, in his case mobility on grass was limited to about 15ft...! but ...
by MurrayHay
Re: The Bernoulli effect
Note: this is a replacment post and covers similar points but in a diffrent approach.. its best to study both this post and the 'recovered post' now in the forum Blog.. Oh it's shorter so may be the ...
by MurrayHay
Re: HG in Cozumel?
Cozumel is pretty low and flat. I can't believe that anyone flies HG there. Not even enough wind for decent wind surfing. I'd recommend scuba instead. Do at least the classroom portion before going ...
by bgneub
Re: Paragliding near Bonn
... orth west near 'Jülich' (~ 60 km) is a little hill called 'Sofienhöhe', 135 m high and useable at wind blowing from southeast to ...
by MatiuSnefert
Re: Looking for feedback on the Edel Saber
yes I m flying saber since 6 months in India . It immediatly comes on over head even in nill wind , its reaction time is very fast n hence need to keep it pressurised . beginners need to fly not at ...
by kishor keley
Re: What time is it?
Keith, Interesting point about solar noon, although I'm afraid your points are not quite right. Yes, depending on what your latitude is, the total amount of daylight does vary, but your actual solar ...
by Duane
Re: ITV paragliders
Remember when ITV created one of the first paragliders (if not THE first) in 1985, The 'Asterion'? Thanks to people like them, paragliding is the sport we know today...Sur
by mana
Re: Ultralights?
Call 1 800 air-star. They sell parts and stuff for ultralights. I am from Florida and living in NC now. But Ive been to the airport that they operate out of. Im not sure of the road names but you ...
by DeweyT
Re: Starting.....
Hi Sid If you are keen to learn HG then probably the nearest place is Green Dragons in Woldingham, Surrey (just inside the M25) which I believe teaches footlaunch hang-gliding. However many HG pilots ...
by juanorez
Re: Would tandem training be worthwhile
Randy, In re-reading my post, I see that I left off the important fact that we are a TOWING based club, the Central Carolina Tow-To-Soar Club. I'm surprised I left that out, since I have a prepared ...
by dachs
Re: Towing recomendations wanted
... required (ie: what is glide ratio on climb) and how much space? What is towing speed (assuming zero wind) of the scooter? By 'payout system', do you mean a 'winch'? I presume all the ...
by fimbulvetr
Re: Hang Rotorplane. News.
Why would there be torque when the rotor turning force is being applied externally (ie: wind). This is a motorless gyroplane. Benson had a similar gyroboat back in the 60's. Tow it up behind a power ...
by lakeswalker
Re: About performance
... that yes, the stall speed goes up a few miles per hour. This isn't a big problem unless there is no wind in the landing area. If you keep the increased stall speed in mind while landing it is fairly ...
by Brian Sand
Re: Any HG/PG sites/schools near Fleet (M3 J4a) Hampshire England ?
Andy, I think paragliding would be a bit too tame for you. If you still want to try contact the BHPA - see Nearest schools to you are probably Isle of Wight, Brighton or ...
by Salamander
Re: Is it safe to buy used hdv1 paraglider for fly low altitud
A couple of things need to be looked at here before even looking at the gliders age/condition etc. & the site in mind.... Vertical impacts... it's easy to get seriously injured/dead by dropping only ...
by MurrayHay
Interested in paragliding
I never owned an hang glider or any type of flying machine and I am interested in the sport of paragliding and I was wondering if you can just find a big hill and go flying for a couple of hours. or ...
by Calius

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