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Can you restring a paraglider if a line breaks? by MurrayHay
Vale wrote: ...... could you tie them on yourself? Or, if one is broken, can you fix it yourself? A bit of 'structural engineering' style physics, it is generally stated that the best knots 'only' weaken a line/rope by about 40%, for those that ...
What are the main components of a paraglider? by MurrayHay
Taking the logical approach and going 'top to bottom'... Wing which has small loops stitched into the 'under'side of the material. Next: Top line set, as the BEST knot in the world will significantly weaken the line by say 40% of its 'straight' ...

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Abusive Troll post removed
by boiz - 1 day ago
While the direct impact protection of most sports (i.e. including motorcycling helmets, which have FAR better impact absorbing standards than 'airsports' helmets!) helmets is at best ...
by MurrayHay - 2 days ago
Guest111 wrote: NOTE: Ross just phoned me (evening in Scotland) to let me know the original post by Troll 'Guest111' was no longer showing on the forum, the Troll had posted under the ...
by R055YB0Y95 - 1 week ago
hi mark, are you still flying your dk paramotor? im looking for a drive/engine pulley. if i can't find one i'll have some good/new parts for sale. remember roman numerals? ...
by dave girard - 1 week ago
hey rob, u still flying your dk? looking for an old drive/engine pulley for same. anything? if i cant get one i will probably have some good/new parts for sale.
by dave girard - 1 week ago
My real name is Vera. I currently live in Guatemala, but am originally from Philadelphia.
by Vale - 2 weeks ago

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